Heavy-duty Grab-and-go Pedalboard!

Gator's G-Tour Pedalboards combine convenience and portability with extreme toughness, giving you a grab-and-go solution for all of your stompboxes that's ready to withstand the abuse of life on the road. Constructed from heavy plywood that's framed with a full aluminum valance for maximum stability, this G-Tour Pedalboard is more than a match for serious impact, poorly secured luggage compartments, and the occasional off-road romp in the old tour bus if you like. No matter what, your pedals will be perfectly safe inside, thanks to a thick layer of pro-grade shock-absorbing EVA foam and the security of 3M's Dual Lock fastener. And with added features such as built-in cable storage and a set of inline skate wheels for easy transportation, and you really can't go wrong with a Gator G-Tour Pedalboard.

Gator G-Tour Pedalboard Features:

  • An amazing pedalboard with matching road case for a great low price
  • Case and pedalboard constructed of high-quality plywood reinforced with a full aluminum valance for added stability
  • Removable 24" x 11" pedalboard comfortably holds 8-10 pedals
  • Cable storage included below the pedalboard itself
  • 3M Dual Lock fastener keeps your pedals firmly locked in place
  • Pro-grade shock-absorbing EVA foam interior protects against impact and jostling
  • Rubber-cushioned handles make carrying comfortable and easy
  • Inline skate wheels provide luggage style rolling convenience
  • Heavy-duty G-Tour hardware latches firmly and securely for worry-free transportation


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