Sonically Flexible 12-string

John Jorgenson has made a decades-long career from being one of the most gifted and versatile guitar players in the US. So when he set out to design his signature Takamine JJ325SRC-12 12-string acoustic-electric guitar, his first demand was for it to be as sonically flexible as he is. Takamine achieved this feat by utilizing the unique properties of a solid spruce top with the bold tones of the bubinga used for the guitar's back and sides. And with it's onboard Takamine CT4B II electronics, you can perform with the same JJ325SRC-12 that caries Jorgenson's legendary name.

John Jorgenson

John Jorgenson is a guitar player's guitar player. Even if the name doesn't ring a bell, you've definitely heard his guitar gracing tracks and performances by artists such as Elton John, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, and many more. And if that weren't enough, Jorgenson is also a master of chicken-pickin' country, Django-influenced gypsy jazz, and knows his way around a rock 'n' roll chart as well. Never settling for one sonic landscape too long, Jorgenson needs his instruments to keep up with his diverse playing styles. And that's exactly where the Takamine JJ325SRC-12 comes in.

Unique tonewood construction

What instantly separates the JJ325SRC-12 12-string from the pack is its own twist on the acoustic guitar tonewood recipe. The solid spruce top is a familiar sight and sound, exploding with the power and note definition that has long made it the most popular choice for acoustic guitar tops. But the guitar also boasts bubinga back and sides. This hardwood possesses a unique coloring and grain, as well as a very pronounced tone that ensures your playing nuance will translate whether performing or recording.

Natural amplified tone

The John Jorgenson signature JJ325SRC-12 12-string sports Takamine's CT4B II preamp, giving you rich, clear-sounding amplified output. Inside the preamp, you'll find an actual tube that supplies rich harmonics and a naturally woody tone to your plugged-in signal. The CT4B II also features three-band EQ, a volume control, and a built-in tuner. The preamp is switched on by plugging a standard instrument cable into the endpin/strap pin jack. Unplugging the cable turns the preamp off. There's a reason Sweetwater feels the Cool Tube preamps are some of the most natural-sounding onboard options out there.

Takamine John Jorgenson Signature JJ325SRC-12 12-string Features:

  • Versatile-sounding 12-string acoustic-electric
  • Solid spruce top offers plenty of power and detail
  • Unique bubinga back and sides are the secret to the guitar's sonic flexibility
  • Onboard CT4B II preamp and pickup utilize a tube for thick harmonics
  • Comfortable mahogany and rosewood neck
  • Cutaway offers great high-fret access
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